Why Self-awareness is a Thing in Poker with PokerfaceAsh

This article highlights our conversation with Ashley “Pokerfaceash” Frank, as part of episode 2 of the Mental Game Podcast we released on Feb 22nd 2022.

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In today’s episode…

… with Ashley you are going to learn:

  • Why Mindset is a thing in poker!
  • What are her biggest challenges with mindset at the moment
  • Which are the top 3 mindset traits that winning players should work on
  • What’s the difference between playing online vs. live poker
  • Daily routine that supports a constant progress
  • How does being a streamer affect her game?
  • Ashley’s advice to poker pros.
  • And much, much more!

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Meet Ashley “Pokerfaceash” Frank

Let’s start with a proper introduction.

Ashley ‘PokerfaceAsh’ Frank is a popular poker vlogger that has already been featured in meetup games at casinos all over the USA. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based player learned the game while playing on her college basketball team.

It’s fascinating that she has a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Health which is basically psychology, from Southwestern College.

We definitely recommend following Ashley ‘PokerfaceAsh’ Frank to find inspiration and motivation from a poker pro, playing both live and online:

“I think self-awareness is huge. I sometimes feel like I am too self-aware in some things where like I just overthink everything. I know my flows and I have my weaknesses… I try to see things from someone else’s perspective.”

When Did You First Realize That Mindset Is a Thing in Poker?

Karina started with a very powerful question about mindset where Pokerfaceash shared how she grew into the player we see today. Mindset for her is a thing indeed but it’s curious to see what parallels she makes between professional athletes such as hokey and basketball players. The last one has been part of her life for quite some time.

It was interesting to hear from a poker pro that she has to still fight every now and then the entitlement mentality. According to Ash, comparing is so natural cause after all we are humans with our own flows.

“You are not entitled to win all the time even though you putting in the effort.” But definitely what gives her an edge is self-awareness and discipline.

How to Progress in Poker with Self-Awareness and Discipline?

It was a good reminder for all of us to hear that staying disciplined and keeping our emotions in check, keeping our mentality at the base, takes discipline. And that’s what we all need to focus on.

What is poker-life balance and how to achieve it?

Pokerfaceash shares what is different in her mentality compared to when she started playing poker over 10 years ago. How she had achieved poker-life balance and what does it mean to be less attached to results.

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