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Free mindset Q&A sessions of 30-45 minutes every month. Our Mindset Design coaches go deep into topics such as tilt, motivation, self-awareness, building habits, focus, confidence and many more.

With Mindset Design’s monthly Q&As, you can immediately add dedicated time for mindset improvement to your schedule. Join us to unlock your access to the webinars. Get the direction necessary to achieve the results you’ve been missing:

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strong poker mentality session

Mindset Q&A session with Karina and Herzdamen club on Jun 12th

sleep free monthly webinar

Free Monthly Q&A session on Monday, April 4th, 4pm UTC, Zoom

habits webinar

Free Monthly Q&A session on Feb 16th, 6pm UTC, Zoom

motivation webinar

Free Webinar on Thursday, Nov. 30th, 5pm UTC, Discord

goal setting webinar

Free Webinar on Thursday, Nov. 11th, 4pm UTC, Discord


Our mindset coach Radinela shares practical tips for a healthy diet and a quick-to-prepare recipe for increased brain performance.

free webinars

Join Mindset Design in FREE webinars to learn how to overcome tilt, negative emotions and how your brain works. Master you poker mindset.