We Raised €25K to Launch a Self-Coaching Mindset Platform

We are excited to announce that Mindset Design has a new strategic partner and investor on-board – Innovation Capital.

Innovation Capital* is a €21.1M early-stage investment fund from Eastern Europe. A team of highly experienced investment professionals, passionate about innovation & technology. In the past year they invested over €5.5M. in more than 60 companies from the region. Some of the companies in their portfolio are Tokwise, Worddio, Easy Doc, TrenerGo, Swayde, Green Charger.

Thе partnership with Innovation Capital started in February 2021 and it supports our efforts in many ways. First, validating the product concept at a very early stage. Second, defining our top early adopters. Last but not least, we are able to build the first version of the platform and test it out with paying users.

Karina Karagaeva, CEO and Teodora Alexieva, COO

Mindset Design’s vision

At Mindset Design, we believe that the constantly growing coaching industry and its challenges have a great potential. It can be unlocked with the help of technology. Our solution reveals a new approach that provides users with coaching sessions at an affordable price.

Self-coaching is possible thanks to our chatbot that can perform an unlimited number of sessions. Moreover, we use proven coaching methodologies and conversation models. Our team envisions a future where AI virtual coaches will be accessible to people. They will help individuals in increasing self-awareness. In short… tap into their full mindset potential.”, explains Karina Karagaeva, CEO and Co-founder at Mindset Design.

Major innovation

Otherwise a typical coaching, Mindset Design introduces a major innovation. A reinvented coaching journey which is personalised in every detail. We take into account ones:

  • preferred learning styles;
  • how information is processed;
  • what is the starting point in the mindset journey;
  • how to hit your goals at your own pace, etc.

The Team

Our team pulls together both deep industry expertise as well as experience in building businesses from scratch. We have skill sets that compliment each other in areas such as coaching, science, technology and international business development. And it makes us a very well rounded team 😉

Mindset Design’s partnership with Innovation Capital is to a certain extent a validation for the company and the idea. However, there is a long way for us to go.

Why Innovation Capital invested in us?

At Innovation Capital we are supporting early stage companies that are in the process of validating their ideas and testing the business model.

The compelling thing about Mindset Design is the fact that they have an experienced team that is focused on the project. They are willing to adapt and change. What is more, the current situation of working remotely and spending more time online is the perfect moment for testing the team’s approach to coaching.”, says Yavor Gochev, Investment manager at Innovation Capital.

Completed milestones

We started with a customer discovery process which revealed a strong need for our solution within the poker players. The first version of the platform was launched in August. It offers a personalized coaching and tools for mindset transformation for professional and semi-professional poker players.

Our future plans

Our expectation is to generate enough user data for personalisation by the end of 2022. In addition to that, we plan to fundraise with a detailed and a well timed plan. Therefore, we will be able to onboard the next customer segments: esports players, traders, amatheur and professioanal athletes, etc.

*Innovation Capital Fund KDA is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria.

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