Mindset Design: Introducing the Platform for Mental Game Improvement

We are more than excited to share the big news! 🤩

After 6 months of research, coaching sessions with poker players, talking to industry experts and getting feedback from them on every step of the development – we are ready to introduce the platform for mental game improvement.

Our ambition for 2021 to offer poker players a personalised experience in mastering their mindset with the support of a vibrant community is achieved.

How we ended up with a solution for poker players, you will find out in the article.

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Mindset design is now available in 3 memberships – Start, Pro and All-in. We aim to answer the personal needs and goals of the players. Users will explore their mentality issues, tap into their full mental potential and get support from professional mindset coaches.

Each package includes tools, co-created with industry experts and professional players, knowledge to practice in action, access to webinars, etc. And the good thing is that one of the memberships is completely free of charge for those who are just starting.

Advanced players will benefit from a personalised approach with boot camps and 1-to-1 coaching sessions to unlock the beast mindset within. You get to choose the speed, impact and power of your transformation.

But let’s see what we’ve included in each membership:

1. Membership Start

We introduce “Start” to players who are new to poker. Individuals who are spending most of their time excelling in their strategy. Those who are getting curious how to manage their emotional reactions during play (tilt, frustration, aggression, etc.). To support as many players as possible, we’ll give access to “Start” for free.

Learning about nutrition, mental toughness, physical health, sleep, etc. is now easier. The main advantage of this membership is that players explore their poker mindset with fellow players in the community. And what is more, attend free webinars and get answers about their personal challenges from our mindset coaches or poker community.

2. Membership Pro

The “Pro” membership provides poker players with boot camp programs and challenges. We onboard players twice a month and accept up to 10 people per squad. We believe such methodology is perfect for everyone who needs an extra push to master his/her mentality and increase profits.

Everyone receives support and personalised program based on his/her profile and goals as a player. Oh, there are female poker players, too 😉

We’ve included AI warm up tools, neuroscience based exercises, chat with our virtual coach to support the assessing and improving of their performance, etc.

Our first boot camp starts on 25th October. Reserve your spot!

Price: €49 / month (€299 after 30th November)

3. Membership All-in

Last but not least, poker players can add an advanced layer to their mental transformation with membership “All-in”. With private 1-on-1 Mindset Design sessions with our experts, transformation and success are guaranteed. We share tools for deep psychological work to unlock the beast mindset within.

This is a highly personalised approach that will accelerate poker performance significantly. If players know their mental weaknesses but still struggle to overcome them or they feel like they’re missing something, this membership is the best choice.

Price: €199 / month (€799 after 30th November)

If you are a poker player, make sure to become a member and be one of the first to try Mindset Design – the platform for poker mindset coaching.

NOTE! There are 2 more spots for the “PRO” membership. The next squad is starting on 25th Oct.


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