New Year’s Update

It’s been only a few days since the beginning of the new year, but so much has happened! We are welcoming the new year more motivated and ready to grow our users and team. 

And here are Mindset Design’s updates: 


MVP Validation

We were really excited to close a pre-seed round with €25K at the beginning of 2020. It allowed us to validate the key market and product hypotheses.

After 30+ customer development interviews, we decided to proceed with poker players as a first addressable market. The next important milestones were building an easy way for onboarding up to 100 users as well as validation of a product feature set.

What we have at the moment is a community-based platform with a journey that proved to support players in their mindset transformation by:

  • raising their awareness about key areas for improvement;
  • provide useful exercises to practice;
  • check their progress on a daily and weekly basis
    and last but not least build healthy habits.

The testimonials from our PRO members are speaking for our product’s success.

testimonials MD
testimonials MD

Having the right team, investors and partners, and a big drive to change the coaching industry will help us make the life of millions of high-achievers more conscious and richer.

Exponential User Growth

Since we launched product 2.0, our metrics showed a 100% monthly growth in paid customers. At the beginning of November, we started establishing strategic partnerships with poker schools and well-recognized players. They allowed us to onboard additional 20+ users from countries such as the US, UK, Canada, the Czech Republic who are now an active part of our community on Discord.

The flourishing mindset coaching industry makes it even more difficult for newcomers to gain popularity and prove themselves. However, Mindset Design is a preferred partner in mindset improvement as more and more poker players recommend us and keep using our services. This is, of course, a major appraisal of our product because it proves we’re solving a big pain for our users.

We aim to provide even more useful content in the upcoming months and are planning to launch a monthly podcast. People from the poker community are excited to participate and we have the commitment of our first three guests. They will share their perspective on the major role mindset plays in their professional life as poker players. Stay tuned for more information!


Looking internally, we’ve been growing our team as well. We’ve successfully welcomed onboard new members and are still on the lookout for talents in product development, community support, and marketing. Having the right people involved and gathering motivation from these amazing results helps us accomplish anything we set our minds to.

What’s Next?

As mentioned before, we are focused on providing more quality content and reaching a greeter user base through partnerships. Our marketing team is planning PR activities to boost our growth, too.

We are working on hitting the next big milestones:

  • Validate the top 3 most converting marketing channels to lower our user acquisitions costs
  • Develop a gamification & fun go-to-market product to onboard more poker players
  • Hire key team members – marketing and product development, community support. We are also growing our advisory board with experts who will support us as a startup.
  • Close a €250K round to support our efforts in marketing and product development

In the meantime, we’ll start building a fully-functional user dashboard and admin panel on the platform. But also, add exciting features to win the hearts of the high-achievers who will use Mindset Design as the go-to platform for mindset transformation.

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