Mental Workout Platform for Athletes: From a Player to Winner

Imagine you are coaching junior athletes pursuing a professional career in an individual sport such as gymnastics, tennis, athletics, etc. For example, you are preparing a kid playing tennis for the upcoming tennis junior tour in France to help him/her get to the finals and be recognized as the next Medvedev or Djokovic.

Your goal as a coach is to train him/her how to play his best game and have the confidence of a winner. And just when you think there is nothing to worry about, the kid drops out of the competition in the very first match. Not only that the whole training in the last couple of months is gone, but what you face in the next weeks is a low motivated player with a lack of determination to continue playing. You spend hours in conversations with the kid and his/her parents to persuade them to invest a bit more time because you see its potential as a top player.

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Let’s look at another scenario. You are a devoted parent who wants to turn your teenager into the next tennis star winning Roland-Gaross when he/she comes of age, just like Rafa Nadal won it at the age of 19 to celebrate his birthday. Sounds nice, ah?

You invest emotions, time and money making sure that your 14 years-old kid is playing in the best academy possible, is taught by the best coach and you leverage on its potential to become the next No 1. But the sad truth is that every time your kid is on the court it doesn’t perform at its best. You know the coach and your tennis kid have put in the effort but something is missing. And your kid doesn’t make it to the finals. Again.

From a Junior Player to a Winning Pro

In both cases, the teenager has excellent forehand, a bit to work on his backhand and needs a workout to be more physically fit. Most tennis players at this age have learned and excelled in the skills needed to play like the best. There is little difference between their level, especially among the top 100 junior tennis players. However, what gives them an edge over their opponents is their mindset. In the end, what the tennis player has learned with the coach comes into practice after careful mental preparation.

Оnly a tiny percentage of competitive junior players become pro. And it is important that strength coaches integrate mental skills into athletes’ training to reach their maximum potential as sportspeople and human beings. That’s what makes a significant difference in players’ motivation, performance, and ability to effectively manage adversity on and off the court.

Here comes Mindset Design. We’ve created a mental workout platform that provides coaches with easy-to-follow instructions to help junior players develop key mental skills. Junior players need those skills to become true champions. 

Mental Coaching with Positive Reinforcement and Affirmation

Yes, you heard it right. It is true that top-ranked tennis players have climbed the rankings with significant external pressure from parents and coaches.

But it is also believed that the majority of players would benefit from positive relationships with their coaches, enhanced intrinsic motivation, and a style of coaching that teaches mastery and task focus.

Therefore, we created a holistic program of modules that helps strength and conditioning caches to integrate the needed mental skills into junior athletes’ training. These are:

  1. Motivation
  2. Confidence
  3. Focus
  4. Emotion management
  5. Personal responsibility
  6. Goal setting

From a Player to a Winner Is Just One Step!

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How does it work?

First, we assess the tennis players to make sure what their individual level is. Then, the coach logs in to our platform and receives a wide range of on and off-court exercises, based on the initial assessment.

Each individual journey includes videos and detailed instructions for the coach. This allows him/her to easily add mental exercises (15-20 min each) to their training and further develop the players’ mental resilience. The last step is to check the player’s progress on a regular basis and adjust the mental workout accordingly. (за това последното не съм сигурна)

We are a team of experts in the field of psychology, neuroscience, coaching and mental development of adolescents. Our team combined good practices from training programs of the USTA, Canadian and Irish tennis federations to build this one-of-a-kind online mental platform.

The Mental Workout Platform for Athletes

The combination of on and off-court exercises for mental development gives players the ability to maintain high motivation and focus. The long-term results are increased performance, building mental resilience and healthy responses to stressful situations in tournaments.

We’ve included exercises that are easy to practice and the coach has the freedom to integrate his own style within the 15-20 minutes of mental training.

Thanks to our experts’ detailed recommendations for each mental workout and an overview of the expected result it triggers, the coach learns how to conduct it in the most effective way. In addition, we have tools to measure the progress of the players and monitor their individual development.

We are ready to answer your questions and give you more information in a call. If you are interested in any particular module or you just need a demo, get in contact with us.

From a Player to a Winner Is Just One Step!

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