Get to know Mindset Design: Meet our Mindset Coach, Radinela

Together with the users’ growth and the product validation, we also expanded our team. After introducing our CMO – Teddy, it’s time to share with you more about one of the mindset coaches we’ve onboarded recently – Radinela. 

Radinela is a professional coach, experienced journalist, and former news anchor. She has worked in both large companies and start-ups.

She has a dual degree in PR and Mass media. Recently, she has attained the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation, which is considered the golden standard in the coaching industry.

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Radinela’s main responsibility in Mindest Design is to support the product creation in terms of “translating” the coaching process into a Tech Product. She also provides personal 1-to-1 coaching sessions for ALL-IN players who need to fine-tune their mindset and progress faster.

What was your inspiration for Mindset Design?

Well, the thing that always surprises me and keeps me in “curious mode” is exploring the human brain. It’s an endless universe and I feel like a kid in a candy shop while probing human behavior.

It’s so fascinating how our brains are alike regarding neuroscience and how they can react in a totally different way in similar situations. I see our minds as a system and I’m sure there is a way to hack the system so that it works to our advantage. And with Mindset Design I am on a quest for it!

When I met Karina and she told me about the idea behind Mindset Design, I immediately thought to myself: “This is a project I’d be happy to contribute. It completely resonates with my seeking!” And I am really pleased to be part of this great team.

What would you say is your #1 superpower?

Language is my superpower. I’ve always been fascinated by powerful questions and deep listening. Therefore coaching is a natural continuation of my career as an experienced reporter, news anchor, and PR.

Over the past 12 years, I have gained experience in these fields of journalism and public relations, and communicating with people has been always my true passion. So I’ve decided to combine the best of my experience and to turn it into my true vocation which is coaching.

What is your mission?

My mission is to help people help themselves. And the reason I do coaching is because I strongly believe that it is the best tool to progress. Coaching simply defines who I am regarding my beliefs and values. It’s highly connected with my sense of calling.

The skills I have gained during the years can be used in all types of coaching. In this sense, I’d like to think about my vocation as a form of “meta-profession” that can apply to supporting people in any human aspect of life.

What do you do in your free time?

Time is a curious concept depending on how much you are being present at the moment. I love spending my free time communicating with people who I find interesting and inspiring. I am a social person and consider myself an extrovert. At the same time, I need to be alone with my thoughts to reflect on my inner world.

So it’s a kind of interesting symbiosis between being an extrovert and an introvert depending on my needs. But the one thing I always find time and energy for is playing with my kid, these are the moments of true joy and playfulness.

As a person, I am super passionate about new learnings and challenges. The hobbies I enjoy the most are tennis, mountain hiking, and yoga. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit of cliche, cuz everybody does yoga nowadays, but it’s something that supports me being in balance and mindfulness 🙂

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