Get to know Mindset Design: Meet our Marketing Manager, Teddy

Our team has been working on the product for months now and you might have seen some of us on social media and during events but it’s time to introduce ourselves from a slightly different angle. Last time we shared more about our CEO and Chief Mindset Designer – Karina Karagaeva.

In this article, the spotlight is on Teodora Alexieva – our CMO and Chief Solver. Teddy, as she prefers to be called, has gained practical marketing and entrepreneurship knowledge, especially in fundraising and business development after graduating from Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Teddy CMO

Teddy is a journalist by profession and a problem solver by vocation. She had learned valuable lessons from starting her own projects. One of her last businesses was founded in 2017 – a trading company importing and exporting goods from Bulgaria to Hong Kong where her role was syncing the teams from both countries.

She fostered growth through fundraising and strategic partnerships for tech companies helping them in raising €3M+ in investment. It all resulted in having an eye for organizing and managing marketing processes, understanding people’s behavior, and building communities.

teddy cmo fly
Yeah... that's me!

Doing multiple startup projects and consulting businesses taught her how to focus on what is truly important. For that, she had to organize the chaos, without overthinking and over-engineering, cut through BS. Just do it! Understanding how things work, finding patterns, and connecting them in new ways to create solutions that deliver value and solve problems is what truly excites her.

Today, Teddy’s main responsibilities in Mindset Design are to help the marketing and product development team but also to leverage her skills in fundraising and establishing key strategic partnerships.

What was your inspiration for Mindset Design?

I believe Mindset Design is one of these projects where professionals meet and build a next-generation product. What really excites me is the opportunity to work together with this team on a product that has the potential to support our personal development – as humans.

I imagine a product that will make our world “a better place”. Seems really naive. I know. The truth is that we can not only motivate people, but we can also help them learn how to achieve their goals inspired by the group. Mindset Design can help me learn and progress towards my personal goals. I’ll recommend it to my children one day.

What would you say is your #1 “superpower”?

I am Batman. Problem-solver – I love tackling challenges and I get bored and anxious when there are none. Seriously. Part of my daily routine is to write down tasks. We have an internal joke that I am the #excelqueen. People are not far from the truth, I must admit.

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Once we grow as a company and we have more people involved and software to manage our processes better, I’d be happy to drink water (not a fan of alcohol) on the sofa in the seaside house. Ha-ha-ha

What do you do in your free time? What hobbies do you enjoy?


That’s a good question. A good reminder. I actually forgot to have much free time these days, especially with the product release and everything around the “startup life”. 

I enjoy sports – drift, skydiving, paragliding, wake. Saying that makes me think: “I either like speed or flying”. But yeah, those are the things that make my dopamine go high.

The rest of the time – I like being alone. I actually enjoy being alone with my thoughts and body but I am afraid of loneliness.

When I choose to have free time I spend it with close people talking or walking silently in the mountains. Videography is a hobby I currently explore more – love being at those picturesque places with the drone in the sky and a controller in my hands.

Apart from that, I have been a crypto investor since 2014 which adds another layer of diversity to my interests.

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