Master your mental game and execute your poker strategy

Mindset Design Memberships will be announced on Sunday, 17th October. Players will choose between “Start”, “Pro” and “All-in” memberships. It’s up to you to decide how you want to master your mental game. 

We provide the knowledge and tools to handle emotions while playing, deal with variance and eliminate tilt once and for all. Together with the launch we’ll announce special discounts for new members available for everyone who joins before 30th November.

NOTE! If you’re one of the 70+ people who have already subscribed to get information when we announce the memberships, we can’t wait to reveal everything to you on 17th Oct, Sunday.

But if you haven’t, here’s what you should know…

There are 2 more spots for the “PRO” membership. The next squad is starting on 18th Oct.

We have a capacity for 3 more people for “ALL-IN”.

If you feel interested to be one of the first Mindset Design members, subscribe for the announcement.