We Joined Forces with LAIFE to Create Performance Enhancing Music for Poker Players

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We’re pleased to announce our partnership with LAIFE. A German startup aiming to support people in achieving their mental health balance through AI generated music. Now, all Mindset Design members can play the “7 daily warm-ups” to achieve the right state to play.

LAIFE started back in 2019 as a 18-weeks program for marathon runners. It helps them focus and achieve better results. The team found that playing the right music and frequencies at the right moment can improve marathon training results by 8%.

How the magic happens?

The AI generates motivational sounds based on collected data such as age, gender, music tastes, psychological profile, interests, etc. And now it is available for larger groups – high-achievers such as poker players, entrepreneurs, sports players, etc. 

We spent a month and a half to collect the right sounds that will unlock poker player’s potential. The result is a set of custom AI generated music pieces for daily warm-up.

“Together with LAIFE we help poker players increase their self-awareness. They put themselves in the right mental state before а poker session. AI coaching and AI generated music have a long way to go.

We are excited to join forces and experiment with an innovative approach. Building healthy habits for high achievers.”, says Karina Karagaeva, founder and CEO at Mindset Design

It’s part of our goal, at Mindset Design, to create personalised experience for users. A major step towards our mutual vision – unlock high-performance by tapping into our full mindset potential.

Billy Mello, CEO at LAIFE, believes that this partnership will allow his team to understand how poker players can benefit from their music solution.

“At the same time, it provides us with insights on how to develop our product further. We know that Mindset Design has a fantastic concept focused on brain plasticity, and it fully resonates with our work and values inside LAIFE.”, added Billy Mello.

To access the set of daily warm-ups before play, become Mindset Design Member.

Let’s champ!

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