We Partner up with CardGrinders for a Mindset Group Coaching

CardGrinders partners

We’re excited for our partnership with CardGrinders – an elite poker school offering professional online education and staking for Spin&Gos and Heads-up Sit&Gos. Now, all CardGrinders members can join our PRO groups to achieve the right state to play.

CardGrinders’ founders started the school in 2019 after working for pokerstrategy.com as high-stake players for more than 6 years. They help students become professionals at the tables with coaching from proven highest level players and a deep library of videos that covers every corner of Spin&Go strategy.

Poker Mindset Coaching in a Group

As part of our goal to support poker communities in leveling up their mental game we partnered up with CardGrinders and took a tailored approach. Their players benefit both from our personalized tools and deep-dive exercises as part of the PRO membership and the mindset coaching for ALL-IN members.

Our coaches at Mindset Design transformed their 1-on-1s into well-structured community discussions where every player receives powerful advice and support from the whole group.

And the good thing is that when you join CardGrinders, your Mindset Design journey is FREE.

“As a special perk for everyone who makes it into our core team (Stakes 10$ and above) we will pay your monthly fee for the Mindset Design program as well as many other tools that help you on your path to get to the highest stakes!”

Tilo Riemann, CardGrinders

What if You Can See the Impact of Your Mental State on Your Game? In Real-Time! 🤔

In the upcoming months, our team at Mindset Design is focused on building a unified platform to provide an even more exciting mindset journey. This major milestone won’t happen without the feedback of industry experts, such as the strategy coaches from CardGrinders.

Karina, CEO at Mindset Design, believes that this partnership will also allow us to develop a new feature. A measurement tool that will present the impact of the poker players’ real-time mental game state on their performance at the tables. Stay tuned for updates!

If you want to be part of an elite poker school and bring your A-game every day, join us on Discord for more info.

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