Mindset Design’s First 6 Months: Paying Customers, Product 2.0

It’s exactly 6 months since we started building Mindset Design’s solution – the platform for mental game improvement for high-achievers. Our team welcomes the next months more prepared and motivated than ever. Ready to launch Product 2.0

We are among the 30 Shortlisted Companies to Pitch at Tech Tour South East 2021!

Last month, we had the great honor to be recognized by the Tech Tour jury as one of the top startups in “Digital Health” in the SEE region! We received the opportunity to participate in online feedback sessions with investors who gave us recommendations on pitch presentation, business model, and fund-raising.

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Next year, we’ll fly to Athens to pitch live on stage and meet with investors interested to contribute. Wish us luck!

Identified Our First Target – Poker Players

This spring we started with identifying the top early-adopters we should proceed with. We were looking for highly incentivised individuals ready to make a change. Then, we wanted to know how big these groups of people are and what are the major pains they need a solution for.

We started with three potential groups. After 30+ interviews with people from different industries and experts – we decided to proceed with poker players as a first addressable market. As a next step, we started defining our message and a prototype version of the product.

Prototype in Less than 3 Months and First Paying Customers

Now that we found our first target, it was time to test a basic feature set. The first version of Mindset Design was released in May. It included a chat coaching conversation we performed manually and neuroscience based tools that supported the players in overcoming tilt and reflecting on their game daily. With the help of the first 15 beta testers and their feedback, we launched a second version in July.

The second Mindset Design version included a sophisticated platform with user registration and access to tools, articles and community. Everything was generated for poker players specifically, to answer their needs and with their professional jargon. We had our first paying customers and a cohort of 10 players to provide us with valuable feedback.

What Made This Success Possible?

Without the support and encouragement of like-minded people and believers, we wouldn’t be able to achieve these results. It all started in Feb 2021 with a €25K funding from Innovation Capital, an early-stage investment fund from Eastern Europe.

“The compelling thing about Mindset Design is the fact that they have an experienced team that is focused on the project. They are willing to adapt and change. What is more, the current situation of working remotely and spending more time online is the perfect moment for testing the team’s approach to coaching.”, outlines Yavor Gochev, Investment manager at Innovation Capital.

We relied on the feedback of industry experts who confirmed our approach on every step of the product development. Professional high stakes players, strategy coaches and community managers from poker websites gave us ideas and encouraged the start of our own online community in Discord.

What’s Next for Mindset Design?

“Our main goal for the next months is to reach up to 1000 customers from the poker industry. As of 18th October, we’ll introduce three membership packages (Start, Pro, All-in) that will provide players with boot camp programs, daily and weekly journaling tools, warm up tools, articles, monthly webinars, access to a community of peers, etc.”, shares Teodora Alexieva, COO at Mindset Design.

We joined forces with LAIFE to create performance enhancing music for poker players. All Mindset Design members from the “Pro” and “All-in” can play the “7 daily warm ups”. The AI generated music puts the players in the right state before session.

“We’re currently in the process of finalizing partnership opportunities, which we believe will play a major role in boosting our growth in the next months such as poker stables, poker strategy coaches and forums.” says Karina Karagaeva, CEO at Mindset Design.

We’re already looking at markets such as traders, esports players and athletes. But before that, we will polishing the product and keep close communication with the customers as the source of all our observations and features set.

Product 2.0 launch

The Mindset Design’s product 2.0 will be announced this October. Players will choose between “Start”, “Pro” and “All-in” memberships. It’s up to them to decide how they want to master their mental game. 

We provide the knowledge and tools to handle emotions while playing, deal with variance and eliminate tilt once and for all. Together with the launch we’ll announce special discounts for new members available for everyone who joins before 30th November.

Briefly, we introduce “START” to players who are new to poker. Individuals who are spending most of their time in excelling their strategy. Those who are getting curious how to manage their emotional reactions during play. To support as many players as possible, we’ll give access to “Start” members for free.

The “PRO” membership allows players to participate in boot camp programs and challenges. They are limited to twice a month for up to 10 people per squad. We believe such methodology is perfect for individuals who need an extra push to master their mentality and increase profits.

“ALL-IN” adds an advanced layer over “Pro” Membership. With private 1-on-1 Mindset Design sessions with our experts, transformation and success are guaranteed. We’ll also share tools for deep psychological work to master the beast mindset within.

NOTE! This October, Mindset Design memberships are launching to the world.

If you’re one of the 50+ people who have already subscribed to get information when we announce them, we can’t wait to reveal everything to you on 17th Oct, Sunday.

But if you haven’t, here’s what you should know…

There are 2 more spots for the “PRO” membership. The next squad is starting on 18th Oct.

We have a capacity for 3 more people for “ALL-IN”.

If you feel interested to become a Mindset Design member, subscribe for the announcement.

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