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We enable high achievers to tap into their full mindset potential. In our blog you’ll find practical knowledge and exercises to get full control on your mental challenges.

Get to know Mindset Design and our CEO - Karina Karagaeva. She experience is in the development and behavioural psychology, and neuroscience.

We are proud to introduce the platform for Poker Mindset Coaching. Become a member now at a discounted price!

It’s been only 6 months since we fundraised our first €25 000, but so much has happened... See how we grew and what is Product 2.0

Are you looking for the music to put you in the right state to play poker?

Mindset Design has a new strategic partner and investor on-board.

We are the dominant biological species thanks to our brain mostly. Read how our brain puts the biggest limits to our thinking and decisions.

F*CK You, Mindset!

7 questions to ask yourself and unlock new perspectives about your mentality right away. Use them carefully. Be curious!

The Epoque of the samurai is long gone but their warrior mentality and philosophy can be a powerful tool to overcome modern life challenges and achieve mastery in surprising areas like professional poker.