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Unlock the Beast Mindset


Mindset Design gives you the knowledge and tools to handle emotions while playing, deal with variance and eliminate tilt once and for all.

Start your step-by-step individual program for mental game improvement. Neuroscience-based and co-created with professional poker players. Tailored to your needs and profile as a player.

Explore your mindset for free or get personalized approach with Mindset Design Memberships PRO and All-IN.

Who Is It For?​


For professional or semi-professional poker players who know that mental game matters as much as strategy.

Become a Mindset Design Member if you want to:

  • reduce stress and get motivated 
  • manage tilt, aggression & anxiety
  • increase profits & enjoy the game
  • Increase control over your game
  • recover fast from setbacks and loss
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What Is Your


The knowledge about exploitative and GTO strategies is available for everyone. The game is solved on its strategic level. 

You’ve spent a lot of time mastering your strategy. The next step is to master your mind too.

Because your strong mentality gives you edge.

You will improve your mental game and performance. Work on your intelligence and overall well-being. 

Are You Hungry​​


Become a member and you’ll enter a community of ambitious players. People who are interested in hitting their next financial and career targets.

You have to be hungry to progress as a player and as a person. Otherwise this community is not for you. 

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1. Choose Your

step two

2. Receive the
Starting Toolbox

step three

3. Progress
Week after Week​

Join the 4-week boot camp with PRO Membership. You’ll receive reflection exercises every 3 days to become aware of the reasons for your tilt or other mentality issues.

In addition, you get practical advice on how to deal with those issues and eliminate them from your game.

Poker Players


"Thanks a lot to you honestly. I think you've opened up another part of my mental state that I've never tapped into. And along the way, if I have any future issues in terms of tilting or mental psychology, the first person I'll be going to is you!"
MaoZe_donk, USA
Semi-pro / Texas hold'em 6 max / NL 200
≈ $5000 profit / month
"Karina and the team helped me deal with my tilt during my playing sessions which improved my performance greatly. Using self-coaching and the exercises helped me develop the habit to reflect on my mental state during play and improve it consistently."
mightymouse, Bulgaria
Pro / Texas hold'em HU / NL 400
≈ $6000 profit / month
"Karina really helped me realise where are my weak spots and she specified concrete steps of improvements. Our sessions helped me learn more not only about myself as a player, but as a person as well."
Harp, Czech Republic
Pro / Texas hold'em HU / NL 200
≈ $3000 profit / month

Choose Your Membership


START Membership

Powerful psychological advice


Explore your poker mindset with experts and fellow players in the community. Attend free webinars and get answers about your personal challenges from our mindset coaches.

Benefit from the psychological advice to excel your mentality and play your A-game with ease.

Get the best tactics to reduce tilt, manage emotions and deal with setbacks. Learn about nutrition, mental toughness, physical health, sleep, etc.

Join our community of motivated players for free.
You receive:
- Free monthly webinars
- Bonus mindset exercises
- Daily motivation materials
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PRO Membership

Increase performance in 4 weeks

€99 / month

Level up your poker mindset with Boot camps and advance fast in your mental game.

You can work on your most frustrating mental challenges in a group.

Receive support and a personalized program based on your profile and goals as a player.

Access warm-up tools, videos on mental game improvement, neuroscience-based exercises, etc. Chat with our virtual coach to assess and improve your performance.
=> We are fully booked for now. Reserve your spot for the next PRO Program!
You receive:
- Daily and weekly journaling tools
- Progress check questionnaire
- Coaching chat bot (beta)
- Articles and access to webinars
- Warm up tools
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ALL-IN Membership

Private 1-on-1 sessions to unlock the beast mindset within

€799 / 4 sessions

You'll have 4 private one-on-one Mindset Design sessions with our experts to unlock the beast mindset within.

This is a highly personalised approach that will accelerate your poker performance significantly.

If you know your mental weaknesses but still struggle to overcome them or you feel like you’re missing something, this membership is the best choice for you.

Explore advanced psychological concepts and benefit from the advice of the most knowledgeable experts in the mindset coaching industry.
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Explore Your


Get a simple explanation of the processes of tilting. Learn how to hack your brain and avoid emotional decisions.

Get a simple explanation of the processes of tilting. Learn how to hack your brain and avoid emotional decisions.

What Is Your Poker Mindset Type?

Get a free assessment tool to maximize your potential!